Truth / Lacuna / Arrow

December 13, 2019
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Pyxis delivers three liquid infused cuts that satisfy the soul as well as the dancefloor. Although this is her debut as a drum and bass artist she has worked in the music industry for many years and that experience shows in the sophistication and maturity of her productions. Pyxis work reflects the juxtaposition of light and darkness, beautiful melodies with an undercurrent of tension.

‘Truth’ is a funky, pulsating bassline affair that pivots around ‘steppa’ drums and a twisting vocal sample. Melancholy pads and wonderful melodies ‘Truth’ lets us know what to expect from this artist.

‘Lacuna’ finds us in a more intimate space. Crispy drums and gorgeous pads that wash over you, paired with emotive pleady vocals. Simply gorgeous!

On the final cut ‘Arrow’ Pyxis goes straight for the kill with some 1980’s style melodies before the vocal sample tells us ‘don’t be afraid’. The track drops into a sparse, dark, twisting landscape with some heavy hitting percussion before Pyxis slowly reintroduces us to those wonderful melodies she does so well.

‘’ my vibe is simple really, I believe I am writing emotionally connecting, deep and moving tunes, I’m all about the beautiful sounds, harmonies and melodies, with an undertone of eerie darkness, this combination is what makes me tick’’ Pyxis

All available on Bandcamp

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