Prspktv, D.E.O.N

Stargazing ft RSWT / Love Drops

September 25, 2020
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Prspktv, D.E.O.N

Release description

The Fat have been globetrotting for much of this years releases but this time we’re back home and couldn’t be happier to introduce a fellow Londoner that goes by the name of PRSPKTV.

‘Stargazing’ features RSWT from Nottingham and these 2 cook up a gorgeous, jazzy, summer jam that lyrically and musically tugs at the heart strings. When I pressed RSWT to explain what inspired his lyrics he told me it was a combination of missing nature during lockdown coupled with a recent break up. PRSPKTV's production is the perfect backdrop for some fresh story telling that’s equal parts joy and sadness. This is an artist with bags of soul and he laces this sun kissed track with melancholy trumpets, chirping birds, filtered keys and catchy vocal snippets than stay with you long after the tracks finished.

‘Lovedrops’ continues the theme of summer ambience as it opens with playground sounds and jungle breaks before opening out to evocative double bass and tinkling jazz keys. PRSPKTV summons his inner Dilla as he weaves his samples in and out of the track. Liquid jungle for the soul!

All available on Bandcamp

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