pyxis and Friends EP

January 29, 2021
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Back on Goldfat for the third time; pyxis returns home and she’s bought some very talented friends to cook up some more of her intergalactic soul music.

‘Clxuds’ is a dreamy entrée, full of pyxis trademark guitars and melodies. We’re floating and we’ve barely even begun!
‘Passing’ featuring Maverick Soul sets the tone with spacious, ethereal vibes. We have lift off! I’ve heard it said the Earth looks very peaceful from outer space.

‘Planets’ featuring our #fatfam friend Easy continues the journey; opening with emotive piano chords that suggest something greater and bigger than ourselves. This is astral traveling in song and the galaxy sounds truly awesome. This track also features some lovely spoken word poetry in the breakdown from the amazing Sofi Mari.

‘Ribbons’ features another of the #fatfam gang, Auris. If on our astral journey we discover a future utopia this is what will be playing as we arrive. Dazzling!

‘Stardust’ features none other than our very own Mitekiss. These two have seemingly torn up the script of what you may expect from them and instead decided to charter their own course home.  Rugged breaks and tear out basslines take us to warp speed for the final leg. What a trip!

All available on Bandcamp

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