Auris, Soulfil, Mali Lloyd, Finnadrift, Winslow, Note

Nuggets 03

June 24, 2022
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Auris, Soulfil, Mali Lloyd, Finnadrift, Winslow, Note

Release description

Goldfat returns with our Nuggets series and this time we’re bringing some sunshine vibes just in time for summer.

Finnadrift sets the scene perfectly with ‘Sipping Away’. Snappy breaks, rich pianos and a funky bass blend into a groove that summons 1950's Brazilian vibes to get you swinging. Grab yourself an ice cold beverage, fix your shades and enjoy!

Auris turns up for sunset but the temperature doesn’t let up for ‘Too Hot To Handle’. A jazz piano creates a moment of cool before chunky breaks and a fat, contorting, red hot bass turn up the heat levels. Handle with caution!

Soulfil cools things down nicely with a little help from Mali Lloyd on ‘Tell You’. Classic jungle breaks, twinkling piano and jazz guitars create a cool and spacious backdrop for Mali to deliver her jazzy pondering on matters of the heart. Take a breather!

Last but not least Note delivers an awesome remix of Winlow's ‘Swing & Miss’. Note shows his story telling ability with his unique take. Whatever happened through the day doesn’t matter, the night is ours. Let the worries of the world pass you for a few precious moments and ‘’release yourself in the dance, free your inhibitions, let your spirit loose and become one with the music’’. Savour the moment. The sun will rise soon!

All available on Bandcamp

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