pyxis, Iris, Alpha Rhythm, IYRE, Kublai

Nuggets 02

January 28, 2022
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pyxis, Iris, Alpha Rhythm, IYRE, Kublai

Release description

pyxis and Iris have joined forces and created something very special with ‘Imaginary’. Otherworldly sci-fi twinkles, twisting, contorting bass notes and halftime wood block snares lure us into their world of magic and wonder. Pure alchemy when atoms collide.

‘Rain Tribe’ has our Sri Lankan connect Iyre collaboring with stateside artist Alpha Rhythm for a far more earthly affair. Distance be damned, these two have worked in perfect sync to conjure something truly spiritual. This one has proper mediation vibes.

‘Heartbeat’ finds Budapest’s Higher (than) gliding and soaring with her strings and bass, transporting us above the clouds, where the world is at peace. A magical ride.

Last up is a remix of pyxis’ Innerspace, courtesy of Kublai. The battle of light and dark remains a continuing theme in this version. The ingredients are the same but for a pinch of jungle. King Tubby once proclaimed “every object casts a shadow. It is there you find Dub” and that is the philosophy of what makes a remix that Kublai has applied here to create a dream like version of his own.

All available on Bandcamp

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