Athena, Leniz, Aydn, Counter Culture

Nuggets 01

August 27, 2021
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Athena, Leniz, Aydn, Counter Culture
Counter Culture

Release description

Introducing our new EP series 'Nuggets':

Here at Goldfat we're always digging for gold, and for our first EP in the series we have unearthed four precious nuggets from four stellar artists.

First up it’s the return of Athena with ‘Bayside Groove’. From the opening note, we’re instantly transported to a waterside scene with the sound of waves, gulls, chatter and playful laughter. Flutes gently flutter, a saxophone teases and an acoustic guitar is plucked with a carefree attitude. Drums anchor the jazzy vibes into place before we’re treated to some extra funky double bass.

Aydn debuts on Goldfat with ‘No Ride Home’. A melancholy piano plays and dialogue provides a cinematic feel before Aydn brings in his minimal but funky drums. The bass follows the piano line and sets the groove before we’re introduced to vocal tales of heartache and a love that ‘can't be found’. Simple yet fresh!

Another Goldfat debut, this time from Counter Culture. Straight in with razor hats, a killer Rhodes loop and a clever vocal sample Counter Culture instantly summons up something comfortable from yesteryears yet still visceral. When it drops the drums step whilst the hats run to a warm contorting bass-line. This is the type of nugget a DJ should have in their artillery. Chunky!

We’re really happy to have Leniz return to the Fat for the first time since last year. Leniz has a touch for an old school vibe that defies his years and here he does it again with ‘Chicama’. Rolling jungle breaks, reverb-drenched pianos, carefully placed vocal samples and a deep reese bass-line are the key ingredients. Leniz weaves his soundscapes in and out creating a euphoric atmosphere sure to get you lifted.

All available on Bandcamp

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