IYRE, Note, pyxis, Geeks, Auris, Athena, Telomic, Digital Native, Shiva, Kublai, Artsea, Winslow Mr Porter

Full Fat 01

March 19, 2021
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IYRE, Note, pyxis, Geeks, Auris, Athena, Telomic, Digital Native, Shiva, Kublai, Artsea, Winslow Mr Porter
Digital Native
Mr Porter

Release description

Goldfat Records Present ‘Full Fat’ Volume 1

For our 25th release we’ve decide to celebrate with our very first album. 13 cuts deep, from #Fatfam artists old and new and packed with flavour this is no semi-skimmed affair.

Opening the album is our debut release from IYRE. ‘Fragments’ bubbles up from the ether into some gorgeous, raspy, contorting, liquid soul that sets the stage with an aura of mystique. Sounds like alchemy.

Another debut, this time it’s Note with ‘This Work’. Dreamy pads and vocal snips lead us in and envelope us in sound like a warm blanket before dropping into funky basslines and super tight shuffing beats. Pitched up vocals with a UKG feel add to the comfy nostalgia.

Back on the Fat again, It’s pyxis with ‘Orbs’. Warping pads, emotional vocal cuts and upright drums lull us into calm before a chunky bassline licks us sideways. Pyxis brings her trademark style of darkness and light in equal measure with a dusting of magic.

Geeks brings us an eerie, twisted vibe with ‘Reluctance’. Rolling drums, bumping 808s, a tear out reese, energising break chops, haunting sci-fi synths and a dash of suspense really set this one off. Spooky!

On ‘Altruist’ Auris shows us a whole different side to his previous jazzy excursions. This track opens with dreamy ambient vocal samples and the suggestion of looming menace before it lets rip with some red hot molten beats and bass. Auris ramps up the distortion on his mids before letting his bass drop to blistering effect.

Athena debuts with ‘Next Door Reality’ and shows us why she was one of the EQ50 Mentorship winners this year. Beginning like a sequence from a sci-fi movie before the unleashing of dirty bass and half time drums. Full of space and drama with flourishes of amen this one is impeccable.

Easy goes straight for the sweet spot with ‘Push’. Amens, filtered pads, pianos, vocal chops and subs; all the perfect ingredients for some feel good, Jungle inspired vibes. Vibrant and energising like a crisp sunny morning.

Telomic delivers some proper snappy liquid goodness with ‘By My Side’. Smooth as butter drums and bass with some gorgeous filtered pads get your body moving and some catchy vocal samples seal the deal. Pure class.

Digital Native debuts with ‘Soon I Promise’. Filtered pianos immediately command our attention and we know something beautiful is about to happen. His use of piano, breaks and bass takes us back to the classic mid 90’s era but with a slightly more contemporary mix, feel and arrangement. Bliss!

On ‘Chancu’ Shiva goes straight in with double bass plucks before introducing his funky percussion. Bongos and maracas instantly transport us to a warmer climate. Shiva takes us on his journey as he introduces his instruments in then out like players in a jazz band. Soulful with an air of melancholy.

Kublai and Note collaborate to give us ‘All The Things’. Crispy drums, filtered piano chops, pulsating bass notes, bongos and super catchy vocal snippets. This is finesse manifested.

Artsea comes through like a breath of fresh air with ‘Discovery’. Rolling drums, smooth subs and a touch of atmospherics keep everything spacious. Like sitting on a bed of clouds.

Closing the album is ‘Losing Direction’ from Winslow featuring Mr Porter. Winslow brings his trademark funk, his violin and even sings the hook: all showing us why he’s peeked so much attention over the last year. Mr Porter drops in to deliver some bars about philosophy, life and love and its a wrap.

All available on Bandcamp

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